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My new way of life, Part 2 You will recall that was in the yard, to select the units of my terrace, walk 4tube across the yard to the delight of the boys in my dress went out in the yard when I saw slabs courtyard I wanted to choose. Ok, well, he went to his car, the two boys were unloading a truck, opened the door when I got on my dress, it was around my waist, my bare ass on full display from the boys. She is the new assistant Joe, not a very grateful and obedient client, responding to a good beating, and beat her ass as hard as I fell in. He took me home and said I'm going to see a week was Monday as I went upstairs and had a shower that I really enjoyed flashing on the patio of the building. At that moment the telephone rang, it was George car sales, he told me to come immediately. I dressed for the exhibition hall, rock, short white pants, suspenders and stockings and a white blouse, no bra. Order the architect Jenny, thank you very much ifyou, I go out there and my niece Amanda has not yet come, to take all calls or details and I will return to them. With these words, left for the next hour, I got a few calls and a list of names. Then came Jenny Uncle George Mandy, you must be new pie, do not be so rude, I said, it happened to me grabbed my hair and pulled her head back, clear one thing obey shit cake you 4tube and I respect it is clear that, yes, he stammered. To remember the clear just because I have a copy of the tape of my uncle and stripes fuck, now I get coffee. I made a cup of coffee and a good spanking, I've heard, yes I know, I said, and ask me nicely and I 'll beat you. I could not believe what I just said that it was just a girl young enough to be my daughter, and she said she is cursed insensitive, please hit me. That's better, said the door and get on their knees. I closed the 4tube door and leaned on his knees here, inched my lap and started to beat me. I felt so humiliated, I delight in the grass, is good to be beaten by a young girl had no answer, put on his pants I'll teach you to be more obedient then, but against my bare ass very hard, I wonder , are you enjoying it again, lost a young man. Yes, thanks, very nice it is better, he said. I think I will control how you, now my hand is still sore to stand up and undress and put his hands on the head, while I hit the fucking ass really something to look for. was wide, with a ruler and bend your legs, I did what I said and reached down and grabbed my ankle. She began to spank my bottom with a ruler, who 4tube feel that was rude to me and 4tube you deserve a beating, so I'm very sorry and that I deserve a spanking. She finally stopped my ass hurts like hell, I 4tube like that I can beat his ass back, now fuck off. I moved and left. I went up andran a bath, I looked at my butt was very red. 4tube I was in the bathtub of age, my life was completely in the last three months has changed was now controlled by three people, George, Mandy and Joe the builder. I have been humiliated, lost, fucked, and degraded, but the strange 4tube thing was that I was enjoying it! Well it arrived Monday and I had dressed to please, to see short skirt on her blouse, Joe went to a chapter in his sixties said hello Charley Joe told me he wants coffee called, yea, both the sugar as two, one of them, when coffee was ready, I told you it was a dirty dog, Joe, said Charley, Charley tell, What if you do not know how you will say, I'll take a beating I began to Charley, Jenny will begin a blowjob before, if you will, Joe went, and knelt in front of Charlie and lowered the zipper and took his cock in my mouth, fucking slag, which occupied my mind and took my mouth, it took very little time to come in my mouth,I come next time, then you slag gets her ass dammit, I spent the day, my job, and to serve coffee at 4 - o- clock is finished for the day, Joe said he had to go out the next Job had to go and the price it was Charlie went into the kitchen, what I would have 4tube told you, catch me in 4tube the ass, I replied. Get on the table, he said, I leaned over the table and spread my legs. He slid his fingers between my legs 4tube and worked my way up and lubricate my ass, opened it 4tube and let his cock in my ass and started to fuck me. That beauty of blood, said it is that sympathy, I do like I said, he came and had a tremendous orgasm. A The next morning he turned and walked into the kitchen, and Joe felt between his legs, he told Charlie that is already wet, it's damn hot. Maybe we should spit out your grill before you start to get naked and down on your hands and knees I took off my scarf and I got on the floor of Joe knelt behind me, opened his fly'S and started to fuck me, Charley knelt 4tube before me and put his cock in my mouth. I loved Charlie cock sucked me for everything that was worth, and Joe fucked me hard. Joe was first and then Charley came into my mouth. Both came out and led to the terrace, at the moment came on Friday, which was over the yard, and I was fine and they look every day. Joe called me to finish the job was very good and thanked them for their work seen. Charley Joe came in and wiped clean, you want to see today, yes please, 'said Joe, as you can put your bikini on a hot day and we both have a beer on the terrace. Who is the guy I looked at his hedges in the garden or he is a little perv always lurking, I've seen with binoculars. Okay, we give a gift, please do not, I'd rather not, and you'll do as I say, damn annoying change now condemned. had a quick shower and put on my bikini, I had not putfor a few years and could not believe it was so short, the short was a tie on each side. I took the beer to Joe, 4tube who was in a hammock under 4tube my hand, with views stretching perv, and gave him a drink and stood in the garden of my neighbor across the hedge seemed, now you take your top, I up and dropped to the ground unhooked, Joe reached out and stroked my breasts, then broke the tie and my bikini fell. I was naked in front of my neighbors was on my knees, I went on my knees and began to beat my ass, I bet he loves it. Joe lost me lasts about 10 minutes. Ok, now I'm in it up and gave him the check, thank you once again I stayed 4tube in bed, now open your legs are too big, because I was showing my neighbor in my pussy. Now, for 30 minutes. Then he left. The next day I went shopping when I got back was a letter for me, no seal?I opened the letter, I hope you like the photo that is not a bitch or maybe by her husband so that he could do in front of my house, there were pictures of me naked, beaten and even photos of me with open legs. I sat astonished as I had no choice, and I knocked on his door. Come to Mrs. Browning. cont
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